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About Us

Grupo R is a conglomerate of companies dedicated to the oil, gas and energy sector in México. The company operates in the states of Tamaulipas, Tabasco and Campeche with the headquarters based in México City.

Principal activities include: onshore and offshore drilling, shore base solutions, gas field operations, offshore construction and maintenance services, oil & gas infrastructure and EPC projects.

A pioneer in the oil and gas industry, Grupo R constantly evolves to expand its services throughout the value-chain of the industry. For over half a century the company has been an active participant in developing the Mexican economy due to its commitment and leadership. The acquisition of three semi-submersible drilling rigs propelled Grupo R to the forefront of the offshore drilling industry in México. Grupo R is the first Mexican company to drill in Mexican ultra-deep waters. Professional crews and proficient workforce allowed the company to achieve outstanding results and a safe work environment in all of the Grupo R companies.