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Philosophy, Responsibility and Fundamental Values


Grupo R, a leader in the Mexican oil and gas industry has provided services to satisfy its customers’ needs with high standards of excellence and exemplary operational performance for over 50 years. Grupo R seeks to expand its market presence and to deliver outstanding value to its customers, employees and stakeholders.


Responsibility to employees, the relationship with our employees is critical, we are committed to grow this relationship to a long term exchange of benefits.
Responsibility to customers, to develop and deliver products and services, which hold a higher value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact.
Responsibility to local communities, our operations require a great deal of labor thus creating jobs for local communities.
Responsibility to the environment, at the same time we take full responsibility and are aware of operating in an environmentally friendly manner.

Fundamental Values

  • Leadership in the energy sector
  • Honorable and ethical business standards
  • Environmental awareness and protection
  • Safety beyond international standards
  • Value our employees; we take pride in our employee training programs to keep up with the highest standards in the market

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our organization expects and demands a high moral quality and sense of responsibility in the daily actions of our employees, managers and representatives, without exception.

The present Code contemplates guidelines to lay the foundation for a corporate culture based on a diligent, fair and honest behavior of all of us who are part of the organization.

Code of Ethics and Conduct – PDF