Health, Safety and the Environment 2018-11-16T10:21:01+00:00

Health, Safety and Environment 

At Grupo R our long-term commitment toward achieving a safe and environmentally friendly practices is reflected on our continuous operational excellence. Our cutting edge training programs and first-rate guidance have a remarkable track record, making Grupo R a unique Mexican company in terms of reliability and innovation. Training programs, preventive drills and best business practices have helped us prevent any unwanted events.

Our goal is to control and minimize risks for our employees, achieving an outstanding work environment with even better operational results. Through these common goals we have achieved the highest health, safety and environmental standards. We will continue to invest our efforts and to push the envelope to operate at the highest of levels.

Grupo R has a rigorous safety program which has developed risk management and health preservation agendas throughout the company. An exemplary company within the group is Mantenimiento Maritimo de México (MMM). The Company has effectively introduced a new safety program. The program which works as a preventive measuring system (just like HOC, SADI, Safe Start®) has helped the company achieve results lowering accident measures such as LTI, REC and IT almost down to zero.

Grupo R is committed to abide by environmental international law, by making sure we are reducing environmental load that our business operations generate. We make sure that every decision and action that is taken within Grupo R is focused on quality control, social responsibility and environment safety.