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Grupo R Perforación

June 5, 2020|

Grupo R Perforación, S.A. de C.V. (GRP) began drilling in the Hokchi field in April 2020 with the lease of the Cantarell III self-elevating platform, plus logistics and port services.

With the Cantarell III platform, the Hokchi-4DEL (producer) and Hokchi-5DEL (injector) wells were repaired. During the execution of these works, Cantarell III operated with an average efficiency of 96% and the works were carried out in less time than scheduled.

Due to changes in […]

Grupo R and Shell Mexico sign service contract

February 4, 2020|

Grupo R is proud to announce that it signed a contract with Shell Mexico for the lease of the La Muralla IV platform to operate in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The integrated contract model signed between Shell Exploración and Extraction de México and Grupo R will provide Shell with the drilling rig, as well as the support team to drill three wells (with the option of extensions) in deep […]

Group R signed a contract for marine drilling and logistics with Hokchi Energy

January 30, 2020|

On January 27, 2020 the Cantarell III self-elevating drilling rig arrived in Mexico.

Grupo R signed a marine and logistics drilling contract with the company Hokchi Energy, S.A. de C.V. The Cantarell III platform will drill the wells of the Hokchi field development campaign located off the coast of the State of Tabasco.

In this regard, Ramiro Garza Vargas, Chairman of Group R, stated:

“For Grupo R it is a pride to have the opportunity […]

Cantarell III arrives in Mexico

January 27, 2020|

After a 45 day journey from Singapore, Cantarell III arrived off the Campeche coast on Monday morning 27th of January and will commence operations on the 15th of March.

Cantarell III is able to operate in water depths of 400 feet, drilling depth of 30,000 feet and accommodate 150 personal and are designed to provide maximum uptime with reduced emissions and discharges.

A la opinión pública

January 17, 2020|

A la opinión pública

El 17 de enero de 2020 la revista Energía a Debate en su página de internet y cuentas en redes sociales publicó una nota errónea sobre el retiro de una calificación crediticia a Grupo R y una referencia injustificada a una posible quiebra.

Se aclara que las empresas de Grupo R en México que prestan servicios a los diferentes clientes de la industria de petróleo y gas son […]

Cantarell III on route to Mexico

December 13, 2019|

Grupo R is proud to announce it has entered into a sale and leaseback arrangement for Cantarell III with Keppel FELS Limited.

Designed to operate in water depths of up to 400 feet and drill to depths of 30,000 feet, Cantarell III is equipped with an advanced and fully-automated high capacity rack and pinion jacking system, Self-Positioning Fixation System, and also has accommodation with full amenities for 150 persons.

Furthermore Cantarell III is equipped […]

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