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Marine Construction and Maintenance

Grupo R has affiliate companies which offer maintenance and other services to drill vessels. Mantenimiento Marino de México S. de R.L. de C.V. (MMM), is a joint venture with Haliburton-KBR. MMM offers services such as: logistics, scuba-diving service, construction of structures, conventional maintenance (painting, refurbishing, etc.) and services to oil wells.

Servicios Maritimos de Campeche (SMC)

Ciudad del Carmen is host to headquarters for important companies like PEMEX and Grupo R has strategically positioned docks in the port of Ciudad del Carmen, where MMM and SMC have their respective vessels.

Such vessels are active in surface and saturation diving, submarine duct maintenance, fitting, maintenance and correction of abnormalities of structures and diverse systems of the atmospheric zone of offshore platforms and hotel services with lodging platforms. Grupo R takes pride in its vessels which have been giving services for extended periods of time, specifically; the Tolteca, Oceanic I, Buccaneer and Garzprom 2.