Centenario GR Receives Environmental Quality Certification

On March 20th 2014, Grupo R Exploración Marina was awarded a Certificate for Environmental Quality and Responsibility. Grupo R Exploración Marina is the first company in México to receive this honorable certification for the operation of its ultra deep-water semisubmersible drilling rig-Centenario GR.

Grupo R takes great pride in this certification, which was achieved with hard work, dedication and optimum performance from our professionals within the different areas of this organization.

On April 4th in Xalapa, Veracruz, the Governor of the State of Verarcruz, Javier Duarte de Ochoa and the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Guillermo Haro Bélchez, handed the Certificate to Grupo R. Representing Grupo R Exploración Marina where the Manager of Operations Robert Munn and Director of the company, Ing. Marco Antonio Marco Moreno. Also in attendance was Grupo R’s team of Operations, SSPA and Maintenance who made this achievement possible.

This was a difficult milestone to reach, and it took approximately a year since Grupo R Exploracion Marino entered the certification program. There are various stages of rigorous evaluation, which the company had to pass in order to get certified.

We are honored to have been certified as an environmentally responsible company; it is important to mention that this sums up years of environmental consciousness and regulatory loyalty that our company has abided by. Grupo R Exploración Marina provides the highest standards and abides by national and international laws and regulations. Grupo R as a whole is committed to claim more certifications and focus in having best business practices, operational excellence always with an environmental awareness.


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