Grupo Rigs reaching new depths

The Grupo R semi-submersible rig Centenario is approaching the completion of the deepest ultra-deepwater well ever drilled in Mexico. The well, known as the Nobilis – 101, is currently being drilled in a water depth of 3,030 meters (9,941 feet).

The Nobilis-1 well is located 220 km (137 mi) off the coast of the northeastern state of Tamaulipas in the Cinturon Plegado de Perdido area.

Another milestone for Mexico came from Grupo R’s latest generation jack up Cantarell II. The rig finished the Xikin-1DL well – the deepest well ever drilled in the country at 7,150 meters (23,458 feet) of drilling depth.

Xikin-1DL well is located in shallow waters off the coast of Tabasco.

“These wells are important additions to Grupo R’s offshore achievements,” said Ramiro Garza Vargas, CEO.




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