Cantarell III on route to Mexico

Grupo R is proud to announce it has entered into a sale and leaseback arrangement for Cantarell III with Keppel FELS Limited.

Designed to operate in water depths of up to 400 feet and drill to depths of 30,000 feet, Cantarell III is equipped with an advanced and fully-automated high capacity rack and pinion jacking system, Self-Positioning Fixation System, and also has accommodation with full amenities for 150 persons.

Furthermore Cantarell III is equipped with Keppel’s proprietary RigCare Solution – a suite of digital services to support the rig’s lifecycle needs, significantly increasing uptime and safety while reducing maintenance costs.

Mr. Jose Ramiro Garza, CEO of Grupo R added, “We are confident of the long-term outlook of the Mexican rig market with Pemex and international oil companies looking for additional jackup rigs to support the country’s target to increase Mexico´s oil and gas production. As a leading rig operator in Mexico, we are well positioned to meet their needs with high quality rigs from Keppel such as the Cantarell III. Our KFELS B Class rigs, Cantarell I and II have proven to be a success in Mexico, and the addition of RigCare on Cantarell III and IV has further increased their productivity and cost-efficiency. We are pleased to have this win-win agreement with Keppel to service the growing Mexican market.”

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