A la opinión pública

Diversos medios de comunicación en sus páginas de internet y cuentas en redes sociales publicaron o replicaron una nota en la que refieren de manera equivocada e infundada, que hay una “evasión de impuestos” en algunas de las empresas que forman Grupo R. Al respecto, nuestras empresas han seguido el procedimiento que las leyes y [...]

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Grupo R and Shell Mexico sign service contract

Grupo R is proud to announce that it signed a contract with Shell Mexico for the lease of the La Muralla IV platform to operate in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The integrated contract model signed between Shell Exploración and Extraction de México and Grupo R will provide Shell with the drilling [...]

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Cantarell III arrives in Mexico

After a 45 day journey from Singapore, Cantarell III arrived off the Campeche coast on Monday morning 27th of January and will commence operations on the 15th of March. Cantarell III is able to operate in water depths of 400 feet, drilling depth of 30,000 feet and accommodate 150 personal and are designed to provide [...]

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A la opinión pública

A la opinión pública El 17 de enero de 2020 la revista Energía a Debate en su página de internet y cuentas en redes sociales publicó una nota errónea sobre el retiro de una calificación crediticia a Grupo R y una referencia injustificada a una posible quiebra. Se aclara que las empresas de Grupo R [...]

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Cantarell III on route to Mexico

Grupo R is proud to announce it has entered into a sale and leaseback arrangement for Cantarell III with Keppel FELS Limited. Designed to operate in water depths of up to 400 feet and drill to depths of 30,000 feet, Cantarell III is equipped with an advanced and fully-automated high capacity rack and pinion jacking [...]

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Cantarell IV first drilling rig with Smart Notations

Cantarell IV is one of the first two jack up rigs in the world equipped with Smart Notations by ABS and Keppel's proprietary RigCare Solution - a suite of digital services to support the rig's life cycle needs, significantly increasing uptime and safety while reducing maintenance costs. Over 4000 sensors was installed onboard. https://bit.ly/2kHVomL

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Grupo R started the Marine Drilling Works in the Xikín Field

On July 1, 2019, Grupo R started drilling the Xikín - 32 marine well, becoming the first company to start the marine drilling works of the program promoted by the new administration of PEMEX Exploration and Production (PEP). The Xikín field is the first of the 16 marine fields that PEP is scheduled to develop [...]

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Cantarell IV departs from Singapore to Mexico

The Jack up Cantarell IV began its two-month trip to Mexico, departing from the Keppel shipyard. The platform will cross both the Indian and Atlantic Ocean and its arrival in Mexico is expected in mid April. Cantarell IV is a KFELS B Class jackup designed to operate in water depths of up to 400 feet [...]

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Grupo R wins contract for two shallow water platforms

Grupo R was assigned a contract for the engineering, procurement, construction, loading, mooring, transport and installation of two drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico last week. Construction will take place at the Bosnor shipyard situated alongside the Pánuco River in Tampico, Tamaulipas.

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Centenario GR reached 2 million operating hours without lost time incident.

The semi-submersible platform Centenario GR started operations with Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) at the end of 2010, to date it has drilled 20 exploratory and development wells in the deep and ultra-deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The crew onboard is made up of national and other international personnel, they are an integrated and highly [...]

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